Ongoing Master and PhD Theses

Ongoing Master Theses

  • Ahmed Aly
    Personalized feed

  • Gerald Degeneve, Hannes Bachmayr
    Non-Standard UIs in Web2.0 Communities

  • Melanie Donabauer
    Developing an Application-Infrastructure using CORBA - Evaluationed Prototypical Implementation

  • Rainer Gutkas
    Alternative WLAN Infrastrukturen

  • Michael Hackl
    Agent Validation through massive decentralized testing

  • Stefan Proksch
    A SW-Architecture for Home-Automation using off-the-Shelf HD-Components

  • Werner Stadler
    Mobile Video Capturing

  • Gerhard Wahl
    QoS guarantees with media adaptivity

  • Johannes Zarl
    A Collaboration Work-Flow tool for Google Docs

Ongoing PhD Theses

  • Wolfgang Gottesheim
    BeAware! – Semantically Supported Action-Awareness for Large Scale Control Systems Demonstrated for the Area of Road Traffic Management

  • Ralf Hauber
    Navigation in Hypertext

  • Ewald Hotop
    Transmission of MPEG 4/7 Streams over Satellite

  • Reinhard Kronsteiner
    Mobile Matching – Personal Decision Support Using Area Based Data Sources

  • Thomas Seifried
    Data Transfer for Collaborative Tabletop Systems