Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis

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Informatikgebäude (SP3) - 0431




Curriculum Vitae:




  • Software Technologies for Mobile and Internet Computing
  • Distributed and Cooperative Systems
  • Wireless Networking and Sensor Networks
  • Mobile Multimedia, Mobile Commerce, Mobile E-Business
  • Computer and Network System Modelling and Simulation
  • Performance Evaluation and Capacity Planning
  • Workload Characterization for Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Interconnection Topologies for Parallel Processing Systems


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Further Information:

I am offering topics for Bachelor, Master and PhD thesis. Please contact me via email for possible topics.

Professional activities

  • Conference Organisation
  • Memberships in Professional Societies
  • Memberships in Scientific Boards
    • 2016--present: Member of the Unirat at Alpen Adria Universität Klagenfurt
    • 2016--present: ACM Member at large
    • 2010--present: Supervisory Board of Tabakfabrik Linz
    • 2008--present: Member of the ACM Europe Board
    • 2012--2016: Chair of the Aktionsfeldkomitee Lebensmittel, OÖ2020
    • 2012--2016: Member of the RFTOOe Policy Committee
    • 2012--2015: Member and Chair of the Advisory Board for the Upper Austrian Research GmbH
    • 2009--2016: Member of the Upper Austrian Council for Research and Technology (RFTOOe)
    • 2009--2015: Member of the European Association of Rectors of Technical Universities
    • 2008--2016: Member and Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board of Research Studios Austria GmbH
    • 2007--2015: Member of Forum Forschung, Austrian Association of Universities, from 10/11 -- 09/15 Chair
    • 2007--2015: Member of the FWF Delegates Assembly
    • 2007--2015: Member of the Advisory Board for the K-Wood Competence Center
    • 2007--2015: Member of the Advisory Board for the LCM GmbH
    • 2007--2010: Member of the Science and Research Council of Salzburg (Salzburger WFR)
    • 2006: Member of the FET/BTH Advisory Board on Pervasive Computing, EU-IST programme
    • 2005--2006: Member of the Strategic Consulting Group, Austrian Ministry for Economy and Labour
  • Awards, Honors
    • 2016: ACM Recognition of Service Award in appreciation of contributions to ACM. Chair of WomEncourage 2016
    • 2016: IFIP EGOV-ePart 2016 Meritorious Paper Award for the paper "Making Computers Understand Coalition and Opposition in Parliamentary Democracy"
    • 2015: Emerald Highly Commended Paper Award, International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications
    • 2014: ACM Distinguished Scientist
    • 2013: iiWAS Best Short Paper Award
    • 09/2016: Expertin des Monats, Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie
    • 2000: OPNET / Mil3 Distinguished Paper Award, International Conference on Application and Network Performance
    • 1996: Heinz Zemanek-Preis, Austrian Computer Society Award for outstanding scientific publications in computer science
    • 1992: OCG-Förderpreis, Austrian Computer Society Award for Diploma Theses

Curriculum Vitae